Getting a Police Officer to Make a Report After an Auto Accident

You’ve just been in an auto accident.  What should you do next? According to qualified car accident attorneys, you should always call 911 to request that the police come to the scene of the accident to make a police report. You might encounter a couple of obstacles along the way.

First, the operator may not want to send the police unless there has been an injury.  If you feel any pain or feelings of disorientation you should tell the 911 operator that you do have pain or disorientation, you do not want an ambulance but you do want a police officer.  If you do have those sensations then that is a truthful statement and the 911 operator may then send the police out so that you can get a police report.

Second, the police officer at the scene might want to leave without making a report.  Though you cannot force an officer to make a report, you can certainly make it clear that you would appreciate it.  Knowing how important it is to obtain a police report, it’s worth taking the time to urge the officer to make a report.

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  1. Great tips John! If you are in an Orange County car accident, make sure that you tell your doctors about your injuries, especially if you are feeling dizzy or disoriented. Also, write down everything that happened the same day of the accident so you can succinctly explain the facts to your attorney and your doctor.

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