Find Out if Pilot Error Caused Your Airplane Crash

When you board an aircraft, you trust that the equipment will work, the cargo has been loaded correctly, and the pilot has the experience to get you safely to your destination. However, pilot error has been noted as one of the primary causes of airplane crashes in both private and commercial flights.

It is estimated that oOver half of worldwide aviation accidents are estimated to be due to pilot error. In fact, pilot error during 2004 in the United States accounted for:

  • 75.5% of all general aviation accidents
  • 78.6% of fatal aviation crashes

Pilot error typically refers to an unintentional accident, such as a mistake or a lapse in judgment. If the pilot made an intentional error, then he will face criminal charges for ignoring the standard operating procedures.

The 1972 Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 remains one of the most well-known airplane crashes caused from pilot error. Faulty landing gear distracted the pilot and crew, all of whom failed to notice that someone accidently had engaged the autopilot to a slow decent. The plane crashed in the Everglades, killing the majority of passengers on board. Pilot error caused this crash. Sadly, there are other similar aviation accidents that occur every year.

Aviation safety has come a long way, and passenger aircrafts now include advanced avionics that provide computerized auto-recovery and alert systems to warn pilots of errors. Unfortunately, mistakes and errors in judgment still occur from time to time, leaving victims and their families dealing with serious injuries or lost life.

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