Who is at Fault in a Multi-car Pile-up Accident?

Multi-car Pile-up AccidentYou’ve seen them on the interstate, the highway, on bridges high above the streets in Orange County. They back up traffic for hours and leave tens and sometimes hundreds of people injured. Who pays for damages when an accident involves three or more vehicles?

At the Law Offices of John P. Burns, we help drivers recover after car accidents in Orange County and get them the help they need. Here is some information to help you understand how to determine fault and who has to pay you after a multi-car pileup accident.

Who is at fault?

Determining fault is the most important thing in a multi-car accident. The insurance company of the person who is at fault has to pay for all the harm caused by the at fault driver, up to the limits of the at fault driver’s insurance. Usually, blame rests on either the first car or the last car.

It’s vital to have an officer respond in an accident like this. The police report will usually cite which car is at fault as it attempts to explain how the accident occurred. It may not always be one car, either. Sometimes two or more cars will share the blame for a multi-car accident.

However, that doesn’t mean insurance companies won’t try to blame the other drivers involved for following too close. Even if you are deemed to be at fault for a multi-car accident, it’s still possible to challenge the decision to get your percentage of fault thrown out or reduced to a lesser percent.

In California, Medical Payments (Med Pay) insurance is an optional car insurance feature that can help protect you somewhat in a case like this. Med Pay pays out some health insurance benefits for injuries, even if you were at fault.

If you have been in a multi-car accident, protect your rights by calling an Orange County accident lawyer.

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