Excellent accident injury case settlements without having to go to a trial-here’s how.

You may have suffered a personal injury in an accident. You may be a person who wants a good settlement from the insurance case but is kind of afraid to go to trial. This article will show you how one Orange County lawyer is able to get excellent settlements for you and your accident injury case  without ever having to go near a courthouse or courtroom.  The steps are listed for you below, followed by more detailed discussions of them.

Here are the keys to good accident injury cases settlements:
1.  You have detailed discussions with your accident injury attorney.
2.  Detailed  copies of your medical records from all providers are obtained, reviewed, tabbed and organized.
3.  Honest and truthful actions are taken to obtain explanations of any mistakes in your medical records.
4.  Detailed copies of all your medical bills are obtained, reviewed, tabbed , tabulated and organized.
5.  All of your lost income records are obtained, tabbed, tabulated and organized.
6.  All your documents are organized into a logical and persuasive package and then sent to the to insurance company with demand for settlement.
7.  If the insurance company won’t make you a reasonable offer you file lawsuit.
7. You continue negotiating your case from this position of strength as you prepare for trial.

You start with detailed discussions with your personal injury attorney.

It is not likely that you will get a good settlement from an insurance company without your case being prepared correctly for settlement.  If you have Orange County injury accident attorney John P. Burns as your lawyer, you can rest assured that it will be prepared correctly and in great detail.  Here’s what attorney Burns does for you when he start to represent you for your injuries from an accident.

You will first be asked to meet and have detailed discussions with Mr. Burns and his staff.  You and Mr. Burns will together find all the facts that help the case. You and Mr. Burns will also find out what might hurt the case.  Mr. Burns will then take whatever honest and ethical action needs to be taken to resolve those potentially harmful issues.
Detailed medical records and bills for good settlements.

Your medical treatment and recovery will then be followed and monitored by Mr. Burns and his staff. This is done in order to make sure that your medical care is being conducted in a way that helps to prepare your case best for settlement.

When you are told by your doctors that your physical condition has become permanent and stationary.  Mr. Burns will then have more meetings with you. If you agree, Mr. Burns will then  start settlement negotiations with the responsible party’s insurance adjuster on your behalf.

Complete and fully documented records, which prove that the other party was one hundred percent at fault for your injuries, will be submitted to the insurance company for you.  Also submitted for you will be complete and full documentation of your medical bills, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and other losses.  Due to this complete and thorough documentation, you are almost always going to be offered a good settlement by the insurance company.

If the insurance company will not agree to a settlement that you are satisfied with, Mr. Burns will ask you to have another meeting with him. If you agree, Mr. Burns will then file a lawsuit for you.

Continue settlement negotiations after filing lawsuit.

Even though a lawsuit has been filed for you, Mr. Burns will still continue negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf for settlement. Settlement is still going to happen and will be at a higher amount for you than what the insurance company has offered up to that time.

At that point the insurance company for the at fault party will bring in a defense attorney who will then start defending the case.  These defense attorneys are often surprised when they come into a case and find that, on your behalf, Mr. Burns and his staff have all of the documentation needed to support your side of the case.  Some cases settle for you for a good amount just after the lawsuit is filed.

The insurance adjuster for the at fault party can see from the documentation prepared on your behalf that you have a strong case. This means that the insurance company will have to start paying for defense attorneys and medical experts to defend the case. This often means that they significantly increase the insurance company settlement offer so that you get a good settlement at that point.

Even if the case does not settle just after the lawsuit is filed, based on Mr. Burns past track record, the odds are in the ninety nine percent range that you will receive a significantly higher and better good settlement offer.  The insurance companies do not like to take the risk of taking a case that has been prepared correctly for you to trial. You thus receive an excellent offer of settlement from the insurance company for your case without ever having to go to trial.

More free information regarding accident injury settlements.

You can read about what I do for you if the insurance company will not offer you a good settlement and a lawsuit is filed in another ARTICLE in my website.

You will see that the best case preparation for you, which Mr. Burns does, results in excellent settlement for you.  The TESTIMONIALS and CASE RESULTSon the John Burns, Attorney at Law website, which you can also look at, show how this will be done for you.

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