Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Take An Injury Case To Trial?

The  neck pain from her accident had become unbearable.  Cheryl’s car was rear ended by another driver when Cheryl was stopped  at a stop sign.  From that moment on Cheryl’s  life was one of neck pain and neck stiffness. She was treated by a chiropractor for a lengthy time but the relief would not last.
The insurance company for the driver who rear ended Cheryl admitted that their insured caused the accident but refused to offer any more money than a minimal offer.
The insurance company for the person who rear ended Cheryl’s car then had Cheryl examined by an orthopedic surgeon who they hired.  That surgeon said that he could not find any objective proof of injury to Cheryl’s neck.
Cheryl’s chiropractor referred her to a neuro surgeon who advised her she needed surgery on her neck. The neuro surgeon also told Cheryl that shel she could try epidural steroid injections in her neck to ease the pain and stiffness but that any relief would be temporary.
Cheryl recently had her first set of epidural steroid injections.  They consist of a long needle being injected in her neck while she is in a surgery center.  The injections  have helped ease the stiffness but have not helped the pain much.  She is due for her second set of epidural injections in the next few weeks  There is a limit on the amount of steroids that can be safely injected into her.  Most physicians will only administer such injections two or thee times per year.
John P. Burns is scheduled to take the case to trial in late January, 2011.  If Cheryl has surgery on her neck by then, the insurance defense attorney is going to have try to convince a jury that his client, the insurance company’s insured driver, did not cause a significant injury to Cheryl.  Stay tuned for more.  This blogt will be updated as Cheryl’s case progresses toward trial.

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