Trucks are an important part of our economy. They transport goods across the country and get them to the communities that need them. Unfortunately, because of their size, they have the potential to cause a great deal of harm. It’s important to be extra cautious when driving near large trucks. This is especially true when driving on the freeway where high speeds can make it even more difficult to maneuver or stop.

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Don’t Tailgate

You shouldn’t tailgate anyone, but especially not trucks. You might feel that if they put on their breaks, you will be able to stop quicker than them. Trucks have the ability to stop pretty quickly and if you don’t notice they are stopping, it can cause you to rear-end them. This can cause significant damage and injury.

Stay out of Their Blind Spots

Because of their size, trucks have a large blind spot. Not only to the left and right of their truck, but also directly behind them. If you are following too close behind them, they won’t even know you are there. Additionally, they have blind spots where cars normally have blind spots, only larger. Bottom line, if you are next to a truck or behind it, there is a good chance they can’t see you.

Pull in Front Cautiously

Trucks can’t break as quickly as cars can. If you pull in front of one, be sure to give the truck ample space to be able to break should you need to stop quickly. If there is any doubt that you are too close, wait for the truck to pass and pull in behind it.

Don’t Pass a Turning Truck

If a truck is making a turn, don’t pass it. They make wide turns, often pulling to the left in order to turn right. Because of this, it may seem like you have room to pass them on the right, when in fact they are turning that way. Additionally, if you see them turning right and you try to pass them on the left, they will pull to the left before turning to the right. If you are behind a truck that is turning, wait until it has completed the turn to pass it.

Semi-trucks can cause serious damage, even if it’s a low speed accident. It’s important to be extra-cautious when driving near them. This will help you avoid getting into an accident that could cause a serious injury.

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