Driver breaks pedestrian’s leg. Attorney John P. Burns wins settlement

Attorney John P. Burns recently represented a pedestrian who was walking against a Do Not Walk signal at an intersection.  The pedestrian was struck by a driver making a right turn on a red light, which is legal in California.  The pedestrian suffered a badly fractured leg when the impact knocked him out into the intersection. The driver’s insurance company would not reveal the amount of the driver’s insurance policy limits to the pedestrian or John P. Burns.  John Burns filed a lawsuit.  After John Burns had the driver served with a copy of the lawsuit the driver’s insurance company called john Burns and offered to pay  Burns’ client, the pedestrian, the entire amount of the driver’s insurance policy.   If you want an aggressive attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies who try to act badly, like the one in this case, call attorney John P. Burns and talk about your case for free at (949)-496-7000 or toll free at (877)-320-1338.  See Testimonial


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