Do Crash Prevention Systems Actually Work?

car accident injuries, car accident injury attorneyThere is a lot of research and technology going into to crash prevention systems. The goal is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by vehicle accidents. That’s great, but do they actually work?

New research suggests that the new technology is working.

New research from the Insurance Institute of Highway Technology shows that if all vehicles had been equipped with automatic emergency braking systems, rear end collisions could have been reduced by at least 700,000.

Additionally, these same automatic braking systems were found to be effective in reducing the likelihood of injuries in rear-end related accidents by 42%. The research even showed that if the accident still occurred, injuries were reduced because the speed of the vehicle upon impact was reduced.

So, is this new technology actually working to prevent or reduce injuries? So far, the research has shown a resounding yes!

Because of this, these features may become standard on all car models. In September of 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and IIHS announced an agreement in principle with automakers to make autobrake standard on all models.

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