Did a Pothole Cause You to Suffer from an Orange County Bicycle Crash?

When someone is involved in an Orange County bicycle accident, the first image that comes to mind may be a car colliding into a bike. Although these types of bicycle crashes are frequent and can produce serious life-threatening injuries, there are other dangers, including road hazards, which cause bicycle accidents in Southern California to occur.

  • Because California roads wear down quickly due to the high volume of traffic, there are many road hazards that can harm bicyclists. One example of this is a pothole. When potholes develop in the street, they can be large enough to cause a bicyclist to be thrown from their bike and crash.

Potholes Lead to Bicycle Crashes in Orange County

Potholes are typically a result of long-term wear and tear on the roads that create surface breaks. They can also be a result of poor road maintenance. When a pothole is repaired but cracks open soon after the repair, bad work is most likely to blame.

When a bicyclist is riding down a street and the wheel catches on a pothole, they often get thrown from their bike, which can cause serious injuries. Not only does flipping over the handlebars and landing on the hard ground produce serious injuries, but a bicyclist may even be thrown into traffic and ran over by a passing vehicle.

Serious injuries to bicyclists may occur when involved in a pothole bicycle crash in Southern California. Injuries may include:


  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Road burn
  • Head trauma
  • Internal injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Death


Who May Be Liable for Injuries?

After a bicyclist is hurt in a bicycle crash due to a street pothole or other road hazard, it may be possible that the city, county, Caltrans or government entity who performed the repair work on the road may be responsible. Sometimes, it can be difficult to prove their liability, and you may need to turn to someone who can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Where to Turn for Help

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bicycle wreck caused by a pothole or other road hazard, you may have a legal case against the responsible parties. For help with a personal injury claim, please call the Law Offices of John P. Burns and talk with an experienced Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer today. Learn more about your rights in our free, no-obligation consultation, and call (877) 320-1338 today.

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