Delinquent Orange County Teen Causes Fatal Car Accident in Nevada

An Orange County teen recently caused a car crash which left five members of a family dead in Nevada.  Two other members of the family were injured.  The eighteen year old boy’s name is Jean Ervin Soriano. It is alleged that he was drunk at the time of the car crash.

The teen is accused of driving a Dodge Durango near town of Mesquite, Nevada.  It is said that he rear ended an Astro Van which had seven people in it.

After the crash he admitted to police that he had been drinking beer heavily.  Beer bottles were found in the Dodge Durango which he was driving.

To make things worse, on March 1, 2013 the teen driver had escaped from the Orange County Youth Guidance Center in Santa Ana, CA.  An arrest warrant had been issued on the teen on March 8. 2013.  He was not found until after this car crash in Nevada.

The teen also has a history of legal violations during the time before he turned age eighteen.  In the year 2010 the teen was cited for gang related graffiti and vandalism.  Then in 2011 he was cited for other minor offenses.

It is not yet known how he escaped from the Orange County facility.  Orange County officials are looking into whether or not security needs to be increased at the facility.

The teen was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, causing the death of five people and causing injuries to two other people in the van. He also received a citation for driving without a driver’s license. He now being held on three and one half million dollars bail in Nevada.

It is not known if the teen had insurance or assets to pay the estates of the deceased people in the van.  If the owner of the van which was struck had taken Uninsured Motorist Insurance protection on his or her own insurance policy, however, that insurance policy could have provided compensation to the survivors.

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