Could heavy rains have caused a fatal pedestrian car crash in Tustin?

A Tustin car crash that occurred on Monday, March 21, 2011, involved a pedestrian and an elderly driver from Aliso Viejo. According to reports, the accident occurred during heavy rains just prior to noon at Red Hill Avenue and Interstate 5.

The pedestrian was killed in this crash, as she was dragged for over half a mile. She was hit at Red Hill Ave., but her body was dragged to Newport and Walnut Avenue, where, according to police, it became dislodged from the vehicle.

Tustin police officers are still investigating the accident and interviewing witnesses. They have yet to determine whether or not the heavy rain was responsible for the incident that occurred during heavy rains just before noon. The pedestrian has only been identified as an adult female.

The driver’s name has not been released at this time, but she has been identified as a 79-year-old female from Aliso Viejo. Currently, she is not facing any charges, as police believe that the blinding rain may be to blame for this fatal crash in Tustin. However, police do not understand why the driver did not pull over sooner.

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