Client has neck pain from accident which caused his spinal disc to press on spinal cord in neck

Attorney John P. Burns is going into a mediation next week with a client injured in a rear end accident on the highway.  Mr. Burns’ client was driving a Ford Excursion with his 90 year old grandfather in the front right seat.  The client saw that a car was going to hit them from behind and twisted to the right to protect his grandfather.  They were then hit from behind.

The client’s grandfather was shaken but unhurt.  The client experienced immediate pain in his neck and arm.  The damage to the client’s Ford Excursion was approximately $2,000.00.  The vehicle that hit them was declared a total loss.

Client did not have medical insurance so attorney Burns obtained medical care for him on a lien basis.  That way the client could obtain medical care but the doctors would wait until case settlement to be paid.

Client was given an MRI and it was found that he had a 3 mm disc in his neck pressing on his spinal cord.  He was referred to pain management to try to control his pain and given narcotic pain medications.  An orthopedic surgeon rendered an opinion that the client needs neck surgery by a neuro surgeon.

Mr. Burns made a demand for payment of the other driver’s maximum insurance policy coverage of $100,000.00.  The insurance company has declined to pay the $100,000.00 or make any offers at all. Mr. Burns filed a lawsuit for his client against the other driver.

The insurance company for the other driver agreed to go to mediation to try to resolve the case. Mr. Burns and his client have agreed to do so.

Mr. Burns will supplement this news article next week with the results of the mediaiton, after the mediation has been concluded.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, please feel free to call Mr. Burns at 949-496-7000 or e mail him at  There is no charge for an initial conversation about your case.

Also, if you would like to understand more about what a mediation is you may want to follow the link to the news article by Mr. Burns.


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