Car Accident Attorney in Mission Viejo Settles Injury Cases of Injured Husband and Wife

Accident Attorney in Mission Viejo, John P. Burns, has settled the first part of a  Riverside County rear end motor vehicle accident case.  The car of a husband and wife was rear ended on the freeway and both the husband and wife received neck and back injuries.  The person who caused the accident had only $15, 00.00 per person automobile insurance coverage.  Mr. Burns obtained settlements of $15,000.00 each for both the husband and wife. The injured husband and wife also have a $100, 000.00 per person Under Insured Motorist policy with their own insurance company. This means that there is an additional $85,000.00 available to both the husband and wife from their own insurance company.  Mr. Burns is already preparing a demand to his client’s own insurance company for the payment of the additional $85,000.00 each to both the husband and wife.


Awarded: $30,000.00

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