Can Passengers Get Medical Bills and Pain Paid For After A Car Accident?

You’re a passenger in a car that is involved in a car accident and you are injured.  You suffer physically, emotionally and you miss several days, or worse, several months at work. Many passengers consult our car accident attorneys in these situations when they are injured as a passenger in a car accident and we are able to resolve their problem.

An injured passenger has the right to make an insurance claim against or sue the driver of the other car in an accident for any injuries suffered. If the driver of the car in which the passenger was riding was also negligent, a passenger in that car can also make a claim against the insurance company of the driver he or she was riding with or sue that driver for any injuries and losses.

Suing the driver of the car in which you are riding is not always easy.  It could be a friend.  Worse a loved one.  Seeking compensation or not speaking to the friend while the case is progressing could end a friendship.

The friend, in fear that his or her insurance rates may rise, may offer to pay for your injuries if you do not file an insurance claim or a police report.  Don’t agree to this. The friend may not keep this promise or be unable to pay your medical bills.

Here is an important tip. If the driver of the other car and the driver you were ridding with do not have insurance, then you as a passenger, may still be able to make a claim against your own car insurance uninsured motorist policy. This may be a way to get all of your losses covered, up to the limits of your own uninsured motorist car policy.

But what if you do not know whether the driver of the other car or the driver you were riding with is more at fault?  Here is another important tip.

You can make a claim against the insurance companies of both drivers and let the insurance companies figure out how much each driver’s insurance company owes. We handle dual claims like this all the time. We work with the insurance company of both drivers to get each company to contribute an amount equaling its driver’s percentage of fault in order to get a good total settlement for a passenger.

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