Call a Cab After the Cabernet is Uncorked and Avoid an Orange County Drunk Driving Crash

Some people who get behind the wheel of their car after having a couple glasses of cabernet need to call a cab instead of attempting to drive home. However, the majority of people that have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner do not believe they are drunk and proceed to drive home, increasing their chances of being involved in an Orange County drunk driving crash.

Because wine is looked upon as a classier alcoholic beverage than beer or hard alcohol, some drinkers of wine are not going out looking to get drunk at a party but rather are enjoying the taste of a glass of red wine.

No matter how you pour it, the facts remain the same – drinking and driving is illegal regardless of type of alcoholic beverage involved

For some, having two glasses of red wine may be one too many. Everyone’s bodies differ in weight, hydration, and tolerance level. For example, the less you weigh the more affected you may be by alcohol. Also, if you do not drink often, your tolerance level will not be as good as someone who consumes alcohol frequently. There is not a standard limit to how much a person can drink and still drive their car safely. Because there are so many factors that affect a person, it is better to not risk it.

Do not risk your life and the lives of other Southern California motorists. If you have had a glass of wine or any other type of alcoholic beverage, you shouldn’t drive. Things you can do instead include:

  • Call a cab
  • Call a friend or relative to pick you up
  • Designate a driver before the wine is uncorked
  • Wait it out

Drunk driving is a real concern facing Southern California motorists and leads to serious accidents, severe injuries, and fatalities. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Mission Viejo crash due to another driver’s negligence and drunkenness, please call the Law Office of John P. Burns and speak with an experienced Mission Viejo car accident attorney today.

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