I believe that personal injury cases, such as car crash and other injury causing events, can best resolved by helping defense attorneys do their job.  When I represent people who have had an injury in an accident, I try to see what documentation I can give a defense attorney to help them help my client get a settlement offer of significant money for his case or her case. There are certain documents that can be provided to a defense attorney in a personal injury case that can help that attorney increase his or her evaluation of your client’s claim to an adjuster so as to obtain more money for the injured person.

For example, if you were the injured person and I obtained a report from your orthopedic surgeon indicating that your condition would require future surgery, I would send it to the defense attorney as soon as possible.  I have done that on several cases recently and the results have been excellent.

Here is a link to a defense attorney testimonial regarding a recent case in which my clients received excellent settlements through my providing what was needed to help my client’s cases to the defense attorney.

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