Bicycling Accidents on the Rise

bicycle, bicycle rider, bicyclingA 21-year-old Irvine resident was recently struck and killed by a speeding driver on Santiago Canyon Road near Loma Ridge while riding his bicycle early Sunday morning.

The driver of the vehicle fled the seen, but was later found and arrested. More details on this tragic event can be read in The Orange County Register.

Bicycle accidents and deaths have been on the rise in recent years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 677 Americans lost their lives in 2011 from bicycle related accidents. This number is 9 percent higher than the 623 bicycle-related deaths that occurred the year prior, in 2010. Alcohol involvement, either by the bicyclist or the automobile driver, account for 37% of bicycle-related deaths.

Urban areas tend to take precedence over rural areas in terms of where these accidents occur. Moreover, these accidents most commonly occur during rush hours, especially between 4pm and just before 8pm.

Many Southern California residents take advantage of the weather, and choose to bike ride for exercise, leisure, environmental, and cost-efficiency reasons.

If you choose to bike ride as a mode of transportation, it is important to remember and follow these safety tips:

  • Always wear a quality, well-fit helmet.
  • Bicyclists are to obey the same rules of the road as motor vehicle operators.  Using turn signals, staying within the bike lane markings, and driving in the same direction as car traffic are pivotal in preventing accidents.
  • Wearing bright and fluorescent clothing, and installing a flashing light on your bicycle should be taken into consideration in order to increase the chance of being noticed while on the road. This is especially important during the nighttime hours.
  • Never drink and drive.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, please feel free to contact us at 949-496-7000, or by e-mail at  There is no charge for an initial conversation about your case.

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