Be Careful With What You Say To The Police

Of course, it’s important to be honest, including after you’ve been in an auto accident.  However, according to a leading car accident lawyer, it’s also important to realize that post-accident statements can affect your insurance claim.

After you have been in an auto accident, you may feel off-balance and have difficulty thinking clearly.  A police report contains statements which you have made to police officers after an accident.  If you make mistakes in making these statements those mistakes could later hurt your accident car damage and bodily injury claims against the person who caused the accident.

Therefore, it is important to slow down and carefully answer the questions the police ask you. If you are in the hospital and do not feel well enough to answer the questions, you can ask the officer to come back later. If you are taking medication, which may affect your thinking, you should tell the officer so it can be included in the report.

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