The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall recently of a baby carrier made in Viet Nam.  The baby carrier did not have the required bolts to hold the main frame of the carrier to the carrier metal stand.

These missing bolts may cause the carrier to become disconnected from its stand and then topple over backwards.  A child in the baby carrier could be seriously harmed. Here’s how to recognize it.

  1. The carrier is manufactured by a company called Lifemarque United Kingdom.
  2. The words Little Life are printed on the back of the carrier so you can identify the carrier if you see one.
  3. There is also a tab with the numbers LS550060 next to the care instructions label under the item.

The manufacturer has a toll free phone number you can call if you believe you may have one of these baby carrier items. It is 877-922-5462.

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