Authorities Left Wondering About Common Causes of O.C. Motorcycle Crashes

Have you ever wondered why motorcycle accidents occur, even though motorcycles are so maneuverable? One would think that a motorcyclist would be able to move out of the way of danger, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes Orange County motorcycle crashes occur because of a driver’s own fault, like excessive speed, lack of bike maintenance, or failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light. Other times, crashes involving motorcycles occur due to the fault of other motorists on the road, hazards in the roadway, defective tires, and more.

  • Because there have been several fatal Orange County motorcycle accidents in the last couple of months, authorities are left wondering why and are forced to conduct interviews.

Motorcycle Interviews May Shed Light on Orange County Motorcycle Crash Causes

Dynamic Science Inc., a company under contract with the National Highway Transportation Administration and the Department of Transportation, started conducting rider interviews last month in Lake Forest, called the “Motorcycle Crash Causation” inquiry.

Company officials are visiting fatal crash sites and collecting data about motorcycle riders’ driving habits, bike information, and details about the riders in general. They are hoping that the information collected will help improve technology, highways, and training for motorcyclists.

One of the sites that this information was collected from was located in Lake Forest at Jeronimo Road and Ridge Route Drive, a July crash occurred. The company also visited and collected information in the Buena Park/Fullerton area at Malvern Avenue, east of Beach Boulevard, which was another fatal motorcycle crash site.

Officials for this company are working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and going to accident scenes that involve motorcyclists’ injuries and fatalities across Orange County. So far, company representatives have visited Lake Forest, Buena Park, and Dana Point for motorcycle crash fatalities and injuries, and are hoping to interview more than 250 riders over the next three years.

Motorcycle Safety

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