Attorney makes insurance company double their settlement | Orange County, CA

What attorney John Burns did to make the insurance company pay.
This is the story of what happened in the case of Justin Manafian. See Client Testimonials at
This case started out with a very low offer from the insurance company.  John Burns told the insurance company that they needed to make a proper offer.  When they would not, John filed a lawsuit and sent out his law firm’s private detective to serve the lawsuit on the other driver.  The insurance company brought in the defense law firm to defend the case. Mr. Burns prepared Justin for his deposition by the defense attorney.  A deposition is held in the office of an attorney and the injured person is placed under oath by a court reporter.  Mr. Burns went with Justin to the deposition. The defense attorney asked Justin questions about the facts of the accident and the injuries sustained.  Justin did a great job in his deposition but the insurance company still would not make a reasonable offer.  Mr. Burns then got the case ready for trial.  John hired the medical experts he needed for trial.  Mr. Burns also had Justin provide the names of several of Justin’s friends and family who would be willing to testify at trial.  John Burns planned to have them testify about their observations of Justin’s post concussion symptoms and the difference in Justin after the accident when he was still suffering physical pain and discomfort.  Just before the depositions of the experts were due to start, the insurance company understood that they could end up losing this case.  They asked John Burns if Justin would accept twice the amount of money that they had been offering throughout the trial to settle the case.  Justin felt that was finally fair and John Burns settled the case for Justin. Justin’s case is an example of what must be done when an insurance company fails to offer reasonable money to someone for their injuries


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