Accident Attorney In Mission Viejo Tells How To Settle Your Case Without Lawsuit.

You have been in a car accident and you’d like to know if you can you get an accident attorney in Mission Viejo settle your case without having to go through a lawsuit or trial.

Here is the answer to your question.

The answer is yes.

In fact, we settle almost all of the cases at our office without ever filing a lawsuit.  This is how we do it.

We do a very extensive job of gathering all the information about your case.  Some of the things we obtain and organize for your case are the following:

  1. All of your medical records.
  2. All your medical bills.
  3. All the documentation of the damage to your vehicle.
  4. All the photographs of your injuries.
  5. Every other document having to do with your accident and injuries.

We gather these documents all together and make a directory of all the documents and photographs. This directory and the exhibits organize and explain the following to the insurance company:

  1. Your injuries.
  2. Your symptoms of your injuries.
  3. Your future medical needs.
  4. Any impairment or disability.
  5. Lost income.

We gather all of this documentation together and we then send it in a large set of documents, called a demand package, to the insurance company for the person who caused the accident.  That settlement demand is usually three or four inches thick and is full of the above documents, photographs, and other material.
Through this process we actually prove your case to the insurance company before having to file a lawsuit. This way the insurance company can see there’s no sense going to trial.  The insurance company realizes that your case is one in which the jury is going to award significant money.  That’s the way we handle cases so we’re usually able to resolve them without having to even file a lawsuit.
Free Book
As promised from your Accident Attorney in Mission Viejo, John P. Burns, I’ve written a free book that you can have concerning accidents and related matters.  It’s called Nine Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case.  You can download a copy or you can have a copy sent by mail to your home also at no charge.
I would like to talk to you about your case.  My phone number is (949) 496-7000, and my email is  I hope to hear from you so that we can discuss your case.
Thanks for reading this article.  Have a great day.

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