9 Things Your Insurance Company Needs From You after a Car Accident

As car accident attorneys, we advise people about what to do after a vehicle accident.  One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What information should I give to my own insurance company?”  Here is the advice we usually give.

Even a minor car accident can be physically and emotionally traumatic.  The moments after the car accident are critical.  Once any physical injury has been addressed, it is important to make the following notes for your insurance company and attorney.

Remember that your cell phone can be used to record your thoughts, as well as take pictures.  Whether you or your attorney makes the contact with your insurance company, here are 9 basic things you should be prepared to give your insurance company.

  1. Date and time of the car accident. 
  2. Where the accident occurred.
  3. The names of your passengers, the driver of the other car, and the names of any passengers in the other car.
  4. How the accident occurred, including direction of travel, speed, the location of any traffic signs, traffic conditions, and weather conditions, and
  5. Any injuries and property damage sustained in the car accident.
  6. Names and contact information of any witnesses not involved in the car accident.

Also, be prepared to fax, e mail or mail to your insurance company the following:

  1. a copy of the police report, if any,
  2. pictures or recordings you may have taken, and
  3. a diagram of how the accident occurred.

Finally, remember to let your insurance company or your attorney speak to the other driver’s insurance company.  It is usually not a good idea for you to give the insurance company of the other driver a recorded statement, as that insurance company may later use the recorded statement to deny your claim or reduce its value.

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