6 Tips for Most Benefit and Most Money After an Injury Car Accident

You have just been in a car accident and have decided to see a doctor because you don’t feel well or just to be checked out.  Here are 6 tips in regard to your medical treatment after an injury car accident

  1. Take photos of your injuries and keep a diary.
  2. Remember that injuries and symptoms may be hidden or can come up later.
  3. Follow through on the full treatment plan and don’t stop treatment until released.
  4. Avoid a delay in starting treatment or a gap in your treatment days.
  5. Understand that medical treatment provides proper documentation of your injuries for insurance settlement purposes.
  6. Understand that bills and itemized receipts are also very important to your case.

Take photos of body parts injured

Pictures speak a thousand words.  Whether your medical team takes photos or not, you should take photos and keep a picture diary of every bruise, cut, swelling, etc.  Note all your pain or discomfort in your daily diary.

Hidden injuries

A full medical examination, which includes x-rays, imaging and other diagnostic tests, can reveal hidden injuries.  Waiting to see if you feel bad or develop injuries is never a good idea. See 4 Reasons to Not Ignore Low Back Pain after a Car Accident for more information on this issue.

Importance of completing your treatment

Your medical team knows the best way to treat your injuries.  Even if you begin to feel better, it is important that you complete the full treatment prescribed.  Not doing so may cause you to reinjure yourself and will decrease the amount of money you can receive for your claim.

No delays in starting treatment or gaps in treatment.

Delays in starting treatment or gaps in treatment can greatly diminish the value of your case with an insurance company. Sometimes a gap in treatment is hard to avoid.  You become ill with the flu, an emergency comes up or you have to go out of town.

Before it occurs, discuss any gap in medical treatment with your medical team and ask them to write in your records why you had a gap in treatment. If your doctor puts in writing a good reason for the gap, the insurance company should not deduct value from your claim. For more information about treatment delays and gaps, see Don’t Have a Gap in Your Post Accident Medical Care.

Medical treatment important for injury documentation

Medical treatment and the medical records will describe the extent and nature of the injuries, what treatment is needed and if you need future medical care.  The treatment shown by these records add value to your claim.

Keep full and detailed records of your treatment

Medical treatment provides proper documentation of your car accident injuries.  It will describe the extent and nature of the injuries, what treatment is needed, and the doctor’s forecast of your medical future.  Without documentation, it may be more difficult to prove your injuries are serious or that any later pain is the result of the car accident.

Keep copies of all bills related to treatment

Bills and itemized receipts are important.  Any money you recover for your medical injuries will include  not only the cost of direct treatment but indirect costs such as mileage, parking and gas.  Keep records of when and where you go for treatment.

Even if you don’t have many symptoms, seeking immediate medical treatment is important.  If you cannot get to a doctor immediately, you should seek a checkup with a medical doctor or chiropractor within the first 72 hours after the car accident.  For more information on why this is important, see  The Importance of Seeking Immediate Post Accident Medical Attention.

If you do not have health insurance, call us at 949-496-7000 to be referred to a doctor who will treat you now, but will wait until the settlement of your case to be paid.

More information

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