6 Reasons to Retain an Attorney after your Car Accident

It was a minor car accident.  You’re not hurt.  The other driver isn’t hurt.  Car damage is only a few hundred dollars.  There also are no witnesses, so even though you know the other driver is at-fault, you’re unsure if the police will issue him or her a ticket.

The other driver wants to just settle the matter between the two of you.  You’re tempted.  Who needs the headache.  Here are  6 reasons why you should say “no thank you” and retain an experienced car accident attorney after you are involved in a car accident.

  1. Your injuries, which may seem to be minor, or none at all, may actually be substantial, and you might not be aware of the damage until weeks after the car accident.
  2. Your car, though drivable, may have damage you can’t see.
  3. The other driver may decide to report the car accident to his or her insurance company.
  4. You can avoid the stress of handling your own claim, which can take considerable time.
  5. You won’t miss important deadlines and statutes of limitations that can prevent you from pursuing a car accident claim.
  6. You will have an attorney, with the experience and expertise to handle a car accident claim, to guide you through the process.

Not hiring an attorney after your car accident can severely minimize any amount of money you may be entitled to.  Protect your claim.  Consult experienced car accident attorneys to ensure you get the most compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

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