6 Items You Need to Get from the Other Driver after a Car Accident

While you don’t have to talk to the other driver or drivers’ insurance company after a car accident, it is important to exchange basic information about the car accident with the other driver or drivers.  As car accident attorneys, here are 6 things we advise people get from the other driver or drivers before leaving the scene of a car accident:

  1. Full name and contact information of the other driver or drivers, such as a phone number, street address and e mail address.
  2. Full name and contact information for any passengers,
  3. Vehicle make, model, year, and color.  If you observe any damage to the other driver’s car that could not possibly have occurred from the accident, make a note of that also,
  4. Driver’s license numbers,
  5. License plate numbers,
  6. Insurance cards.  Get all of the other drivers’ insurance company name, contact information, and policy number.

Note, if the name on the other driver’s insurance card is different than the name on the other driver’s driving license, ask the other driver for his or her own personal insurance company name, policy number name and contact information.

Also look at the other driver’s proof of insurance card to see the dates the insurance was in effect.  If the other driver’s insurance has expired, you may be dealing with an uninsured motorist situation.

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