5 Ways to Stop Your Teen from Texting While Driving

Studies have shown that the reaction time of someone texting while driving is the same as someone who is drunk behind the wheel. An inexperienced driver, such as a teenager, needs to have all of their attention on the road, not on their phone.

Texting While DrivingSince phones are vital in case of emergencies or break downs, taking them away is not an option. As Orange County car accident attorneys we consider a part of our job to include the explaining to teens the dangers in texting while driving.

At the Law Offices of John P. Burns, we help drivers recover after car accidents, and get them the help they need. Here are a few ways you can make sure your teen is paying attention to the road instead of texting and driving, even when you aren’t there.

Five simple ways to address texting while driving with your teen

  • Be a good example. The first thing you can do is drive safely so your teen knows what that looks like. Wear your seatbelt, observe all traffic rules, and put your phone away while driving, no exceptions.
  • Sign a pledge. It’s one thing to promise, but when you sign your name to something, it’s real. Several insurance and safety websites have safe driving pledges that you can print and have your teen sign.
  • Make sure they know the law. In California, texting, while using handheld phones is illegal while driving. Make sure your teen knows the law and the consequences.
  • Give rewards. Offer your teen a reward for every semester they go ticket-, accident-, or phone-free in the car.
  • Use monitoring technology. You can install apps on your teen’s phone that will prevent them for sending or receiving texts if they are traveling faster than 10 miles per hour. This may be good way to start with new drivers, or any drivers who just can’t put the phone down.

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