5 Things To Do After A Car Accident

Get Witnesses

Before you talk to the other driver in an accident, look for witnesses and talk to them as soon as possible.  Ask them what they saw and take down their contact information.  If you don’t involve them quickly, they could leave without being able to get their contact information.  Getting witnesses will help you should there be a dispute about who was at fault.

Write Everything Down

It’s important to document everything: names and contact information of witnesses, driver’s license of the other driver, insurance information, license plate, make and model of other car, police officer name on scene, etc. Be as complete as possible and keep this in a safe place.  You will need it when talking to your insurance company or if the accident ends up in court.

Take Pictures

Almost everyone has a phone with a camera on it.  Use it.  Take pictures of the vehicle damage, take pictures of any injuries you sustained, and take pictures of the scene from all angles.  If the other party is at fault, this will only strengthen your case – both for insurance and legal purposes.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you have documented everything at the scene of the accident, call your insurance company and report what happened.  They will walk you through what the next steps will be.  Have your notes available so you can give them as much information as possible.

Get an Attorney

If you are injured during the accident or if the responsible party for the accident is unclear, contact an accident attorney.   A good attorney will be able to ensure that you are fairly represented and compensated for any medical bills or lost income you might incur as a result of the accident.



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