4 Ways to Childproof Your Car for Safety

Car SafetyThis August in Arizona, an 8-year-old boy snuck out of bed with his 6-year-old sister, got in their mother’s car, and went for a ride. The journey ended fatally when the boy hit a pole, killing his sister and injuring himself.

No charges were brought in this sad case. But it does bring up a question for every parent—how can I keep my kids safe, both in and out of the car, even when I am not there?

As car accident attorneys, we consider a part of our job to help people learn how to best protect the safety of any child in their car. Here are some important tips for keeping your car childproof.

Childproof your car

  • Remove loose objects—Remove all hard toys, books, cups, or mugs. Consider how dangerous loose objects in your car would be at 20, 40, or 60 miles per hour. If it would be a hazard at that speed, remove it from the car.
  • Engage child safety locks—These locks are designed to keep passengers in the backseat from getting out, but you must engage them for them to work. Always lock your car doors when the vehicle is moving, even if you have child safety locks.
  • Safety first, always—Establish rules for riding in the car, and stick to them, no exceptions.
  • Never leave your child unattended—The greatest threat inside your vehicle is the very air you breathe. Children left inside an unattended vehicle could suffer heatstroke or hypothermia. Teach your children that a parked car is not a play area, and never leave your children unattended in the car, even for a few minutes.

While none of these tips could have prevented the terrible tragedy in Arizona, they are a good start to childproofing your car.

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