3 Ways Technology in Cars can be Distracting

distracting car technology, unsafe car technology, orange county injury attorneyThere are many benefits to the technology that exists in cars today.  Alerts that tell you when you are close to a curb, rear-facing cameras to show you what is behind your car, even the ability to apply the brakes for you and lock your seatbelts if the car senses an immenent crash.  Even looking to the future, self-driving cars have already shown they can be extremely safe and reliable in tests.  However, with all the bells and whistles on a new cars dashboard, there can be many distractions as well.  Here are three pieces of technology in a car that can cause distractions.

Phone System

While using the phone system in your car can be great for being able to drive and talk at the same time without having to hold your actual phone, it can still be distracting.  Many cars don’t let you dial when you are driving your car, but even if you are already on the phone and are trying to end the call or answer another incoming call, it can be distracting.  Instead, avoid using a phone altogether while you are driving.  Even talking on the phone, or ending the call can be enough distraction to cause an accident.

Navigation System

The navigation system is great for helping you get around, but it can easily take your eyes off the road.  Most people only look at the navigation when they need to make a turn or get off the freeway.  Unfortunately, those are also the times when you need all your attention on driving to change lanes and navigate traffic.  If you are looking at your navigation system to make sure you are turning on the right street, your eyes are off the road, exposing you and the people around you to extra risk that can cause an accident.  Instead, simply listen to the voice commands or look at the upcoming turn well before you get there so you don’t have to look at it while navigating traffic.  If at all possible, have someone else watch the navigation system and tell you when to turn.

Bumper Sensors

Many cars now have sensors on the bumpers to warn you if you are too close to a curb or object.  These are great when parking and can help you avoid getting into a fender bender in a parking lot.  However, the warning signals from these sensors can be distracting.  If you are driving and a sensor goes off saying you are close to something, your initial reaction is to look at which sensor is going off.  However, your eyes are now looking at your screen instead of on the road.  If you are close enough to something for your sensor to go off, yet are now looking at your screen, you might be missing what it is that is causing that sensor to go off, delaying your reaction time and potentially getting into an accident.  This distraction can be true for many of the sensors in the car that go off.  To be safe, only look at the notification when you are sure it won’t affect your driving and your safety.


Technology has come a long way in cars and will continue to evolve and change.  It has helped a lot, but has also created more distractions.  Be sure to always focus on driving first and foremost to avoid getting into an accident.

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