3 Top Reasons to Locate and Identify Witnesses after a Car Accident

While what people say after an accident may be what they believe to be true, anyone involved in a car accident is describing what happens from his or her perspective.  That is why witnesses, who are not involved in the car accident, may be critical.

As car accident attorneys we always advise our clients to let us know of any witnesses to an accident.  One favorable witness, even if a passenger in one of the cars, may be enough to convince an adverse insurance adjuster that the accident was the fault of the other driver.

Here are 3 reasons why car accident witnesses are important:

  1. They can provide an actual account of what they saw and heard during the car accident,
  2. They may be in a better physical location to observe how the car accident occurred , and
  3. If they are not friends with or related to one of the drivers, that they do not have a personal investment in the outcome of the situation.

After a car accident, the safety of you, the other driver, and any passengers is your #1 priority.  However, as soon as feasible after the car accident, begin to locate and identify any witnesses.

An independent witness may be the best proof that you were not at-fault for the car accident. If you find out that there is such a witness at the accident scene, it is in your best interests to do the following:

If there were passengers in your car and they are physically able to do so, enlist their help in finding car accident witnesses.  Don’t wait for the police to arrive to get any statements.  Many witnesses leave the scene of a car accident as soon as they determine everyone is physically okay.

Get a witness’s full name, including middle name or initial, a phone number or email address, and any other information he or she may be willing to share.  If a witness is unwilling to give you an account of the car accident, don’t push.  Pushing can make a reluctant witness into an uncooperative witness.

Turn over all witness information to your insurance company and to an experienced car accident attorney.

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