3 Tips to Understand the Venice Beach Car vs Pedestrians Case

The recent car crash in Venice Beach, which killed one and injured 11 others, has raised a question among citizens.  Can a city be liable if a pedestrian is injured when the driver of a car was running down people on purpose?  As a car accident attorney, I have handled several cases of this nature.  Here is some information about how these cases work.

The driver arrested in connection with the crash ‘deliberately’ drove onto the Boardwalk and hit pedestrians.  Does Venice Beach bear any liability for the crash?

  1. If the driver had car insurance, his insurance company should pay for everything up to the limit of his insurance policy.
  2. Since the driver’s conduct was intentional, he could be found personally liable for punitive damages for multiples of the amount paid by his insurance company.
  3. If the city is found negligent in failing to keep the beach walkway safe, the city could have to pay for the injuries and death caused by the driver, equal to the city’s percentage of fault.

In municipal liability vehicle accident cases, a city may be liable for car accident injuries if it can be shown that the car accident occurred because the city had faulty or dangerous roadside barriers.  Since the car accident, a public outcry has risen asking the city to install better barriers between cars and the Venice boardwalk.  Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin is also now pushing for additional pillars and barricades.

Like the city of Los Angeles, Orange County is home to many beachfronts and boardwalks.  If you are in Orange County and injured from a car accident due to the fault of the city or county, consult a car accident attorney to protect your rights.

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