3 Simple Strategies to Reduce Your Urge to Give in to Road Rage

Springtime brings with it more than just warmer weather. Families and college students often hit the road to enjoy a short break from work and school, which results in heavier traffic on surface streets, highways and interstates. Heavier traffic also triggers aggressive behavior in drivers such as speeding, tailgating and an increase in distracted driving. These aggressive behaviors, which are also known as road rage, significantly increase the risk of endangering your life and the life of the passengers in your vehicle.

Following these simple strategies will help you and your passengers avoid the urge for road rage while you are driving to your Spring Break destination.

Avoid Driving During Peak Traffic Times

Heavy traffic is one of the most common triggers of road rage. Although you don’t possess the power to make the red lights change quicker or force slower drivers to move into the right lane, you can avoid traffic altogether during peak times. Avoid driving in heavier traffic by delaying your trip home or to the office. Additionally, you can opt to work a flexible schedule or telecommute if possible to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic.

Drive Defensively and Responsibly

When it comes to road rage, you may not always be the initiator on the road Sometimes, your driving may offend others on the road, which makes defensive driving practices essential. It’s easy to remedy a possible road rage instance from occurring by using polite driving gestures to apologize to the other driver. By doing this, you can avoid heated exchanges with other drivers on the road, which may save your life.

Stay off the Road While You Are Emotional

Anger often fuels road range, so it’s best to stay off the road when your emotions are running at full speed. Other emotions such as sadness can impair your driving, which can result in unnecessary road rage incidents. Avoid driving when you are emotional and instead use that time to pull over and do some grocery shopping, stop to have dinner with a friend or complete another activity on your to-do list.


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