3 Most Common Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

Often referred to as “man’s best friend”, many pet owners consider their dogs a beloved member of the family. While you might love your dog, the insurance provider you use to obtain coverage for your home, condo or apartment may not share the same opinion of your four-legged family member – especially if it’s considered a dangerous breed. This means the breed of your dog can potentially determine whether an insurance agency is willing to cover your home based on certain criteria developed to assess if the dog can pose a higher risk.

Each year, a number of insurance companies issue their lists of dangerous or aggressive dogs, which may result in the denial of your new or existing insurance coverage. Each insurance company classifies this listing differently, but common names may include excluded dog breeds, aggressive dog listing or even bad dog list. Below is a list of the three most common aggressive dog breeds, which can affect your insurance coverage or premium where you and your four-legged family member call home:

Pit Bull Terrier

Labeled by a variety of insurance companies as an aggressive breed, the Pit Bull is also known as protective, fearless and playful. Because Pit Bulls were originally bred for livestock chasing and dog fighting, they have a high prey drive. Because of their controversial beginnings, the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Pit Bull. Depending on early socialization and handling, the Pit Bull can learn to restrain itself from unwarranted aggression towards other dogs.


Typically chosen by people for its ability to protect well, the Rottweiler is bold, confident and commanding. The large breed has an impressive ability to sense danger, and will become protective and possibly attack if someone threatens its human family members. Canine experts recommend socialization and obedience lessons to reduce the likelihood of the dog’s aggressiveness and stubbornness. With careful breeding and proper training, a Rottweiler can serve various functions, including as a guard dog, police dog or family pet.

Doberman Pinscher

First bred in Germany as an aggressive guard dog, the Doberman Pinscher’s temperament has evolved over the years through tactful breeding into what many dog owners consider a reliable family pet. While the breed is usually sensitive and responsive to its owner’s commands, the Doberman can be dominating and overbearing, but shy with strangers. Although this breed may act aggressive towards strange dogs, many dog lovers appreciate the Doberman’s alertness and protection ability.

While this is an informative list of potentially aggressive dog breeds, it is by no means comprehensive or sequential. Any number of these breeds, or others, may or may not display indicators of aggression or agitation that could lead to a bite or attack. For further information on dog bite cases in California, we encourage you to read this article outlining the process.

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