2 Ways to Avoid Rental Car Costs After a Car Accident

You’re involved in a car accident.  Your car is so damaged, it will take more than a day, maybe even weeks, to repair. In order to continue your daily activities and get to your now needed medical appointments, a rental car is absolutely necessary.

Here are 2 ways to avoid paying money for a rental car after a car accident by obtaining certain insurance coverage now and by asking about some things about your present insurance policies before you are even in a car accident.

1. Purchase Rental Car Coverage On Your Own Auto Policy:  For a few extra dollars each month, you can add rental car coverage to your car insurance policy. If the at-fault driver either does not have car damage insurance, or is underinsured for car damage insurance, your rental car bills can be paid by your own insurance company for you. This coverage will reimburse you a set amount daily for the cost to rent the vehicle.  It will not reimburse you for the cost of gas you use in the rental car, or any rental insurance you purchase through the rental car company.

2. See if your car insurance policy gives you liability insurance coverage to protect you if you hit and injure someone while driving a rental car,   if your insurance company does extend such protection to you, buying extra liability and collision insurance coverage from the rental car company may be a waste of money. Further, even if your car insurance coverage does not extend to rental cars, some credit card companies, like Visa, offer collision coverage on rental cars to cardholders.  Collision coverage, however, only pays for damage to vehicles. It usually does not cover you if you cause an accident and are sued for causing personal injuries to another.

Since policies differ, the rules for coverage can be limited.  Whether for personal or business use, check with your insurance and credit card company to determine the extent of any coverage you might have.

Finally, keep in mind that if, you have an existing health insurance policy, purchasing medical treatment accident insurance when you rent a car from a rental car company (med-pay insurance) can be redundant.

When you are in a car accident, you do not want to worry about who will pay the costs to repair your car and any medical.  if you are a frequent traveler, and are involved in a car accident with a rental car, consult experienced car accident attorneys  to ensure you get the most compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

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