$165,000 Settlement for Driver and Passenger Injured in Head-On Collision

orange county personal injury attorney, injury lawyer orange countyAttorney John P. Burns recently obtained a $100,000 settlement for his client Irma A. after she was injured in a car crash in Riverside County, California. Mr. Burns also obtained a settlement of $65,000 for Irma’s right seat passenger and friend Abel.

It was at approximately 3:00 PM when Irma A. was driving her 2006 Toyota Highlander West bound on Domenigioni Parkway in Riverside County, CA. The weather was sunny and the roads were dry.  Irma was approaching the intersection of Domenigioni Parkway and California State Route 79, a large intersection controlled with traffic lights.

Mr. Grant Joseph Say was driving his 2007 Chevy Silverado in the opposite direction on Domenigioni Parkway and approaching the same intersection. Mr. Say entered the left turn lane on Domenigioni Parkway, intending to make a left turn in front of Irma, so that he could go north bound on State Route 79.  Unfortunately, there was a red left turn arrow for Mr. Say.  He made a left turn, in spite of the red left turn arrow, just as Irma entered the intersection going the opposite direction.

Orange county injury attorney, personal injury accident attorneyMr. Say’s car ran into the front end of the car driven by Irma.  On impact, the air bags deployed in Irma’s car and her car spun. It ended up on its wheels in the North bound lanes of State Route 79.  The damage to Irma’s car was major.  Mr. Say’s car also sustained major front end damage.

Irma was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. She was diagnosed there with a fracture of her right ankle. Unfortunately, the hospital failed to realize that Irma also had a broken wrist.  After a few days Irma went to another hospital where her wrist fracture was properly diagnosed and treated.

Irma then saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery. A few weeks after the collision Irma had a surgical repair of her right ankle, involving the implantation of screws and pins.  After a period of rehabilitation, Irma recovered from her injuries, although she experienced major pain and discomfort during her recovery.  Attorney Burns and staff negotiated with Mr. Say’s insurance company and that insurance company agreed to pay Mr. Say’s maximum insurance policy limits of $100,000 to Irma.

Irma’s passenger, Abel, also had to go by ambulance to the hospital. At the emergency room he was diagnosed with deep lacerations of the right hand as well as a fractured finger.  During the time he was recovering from his injuries Abel could not work. Accordingly, a lost wages claim was made for him by attorney John P. Burns. Mr. Say’s insurance company also agreed to pay Abel’s lost wages, along with payment for his medical bills and pain and suffering, for a total settlement of $65,000.

This collision shows the dangers involved in thinking that other drivers are going to obey traffic lights at intersections.  It is always a good idea to drive defensively and make sure that the other driver has actually stopped where he or she is supposed to before driving through an intersection.

Although this was an unfortunate collision, the Law Offices of John P. Burns was at least able to get a significant amount of money for his clients Irma and Abel. If the money had not been obtained for Irma and Abel, this case would have been an even greater tragedy than it was.

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