10 Injuries For Which a Car Crash Victim Can Get Money

The value of a car accident claim is determined from all the facts of the specific accident.  Because each situation is different, car accident attorneys tailor money payment requests for injured clients by what will best pay the injured car crash victim for all of the injuries suffered.

When another party is at fault for a car accident in which you are injured, there are three types of damages, which you are eligible to be paid:  These are economic damages  non-economic damages and punitive damages.

Economic Damages

Payment of economic damages, also called compensatory damages, pays the injured victim for actual money losses or, if the victim cannot pay them for bills incurred, due to an accident caused by another person.  Examples of economic damages include,

  1. past and current medical expenses,
  2. future medical expenses,
  3. lost wages,
  4. loss of the ability to earn money, called loss of earning capacity, and
  5. the cost of any vocational or other training needed due to injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

Payment of non-economic damages pays the injured victim for losses that cannot be shown with a bill, invoice, lost time from work record or other document but which, damages are still real injuries a victim has suffered   This is money for losses and suffering which an experienced car accident attorney can tell exist, due to the nature of the case and the amount of the economic damages, discussed above, which the car accident victim has suffered. Examples of non-economic damages include,

  1. pain and suffering,
  2. emotional distress,
  3. loss of enjoyment in life’s activities,
  4. doing duties under duress, such as working in pain to live,
  5. loss of consortium, which is an injury to a spouse’s way of life due your injuries.

Punitive Damages

Finally, if the at-fault driver was not just negligent, but also caused the car accident through intentionally running a car into another or driving while impaired with alcohol or drugs the injured car crash victim may also be able to obtain punitive damages from that driver.  Punitive damages are monies awarded to the accident victim to punish the at-fault driver and discourage other drivers from acting similarly in the future.

Punitive damages are usually determined by multiplying the total economic and non-economic damages award by some number.  For example, in some cases a court has awarded ten times the total of the economic and non-economic damages onto an award of economic and non-economic damages as punitive damages. The total amount of the award, in such a case is the total of the economic damages, non-economic damages and the punitive damages.

If you are injured in a car accident, consult an experienced car accident attorney  to ensure you get the most compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

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